Medigest is a leading provider of information relating to a combination of the Private Health and Protection sectors within the UK. Whether you are looking for a specific medical professional, hospital or therapist or a way to provide funding or cover yourself, your business or your family for the future, we have the solutions for you.

Your guide to private health insurance

Private Health Insurance can be a minefield. This excellent video - Your guide to private health insurance - By Axa PPP Healthcare gives a comprehensive overview of what you can expect with Private Health Insurance. You can also download this guide produced by the ABI which clarifies the important facts and information for consumers. Click here to read

Business Directory

Within our business directory you will find thousands of registered professionals within your area or in a location you specifically want to use (maybe near to your place of work or close to your relatives) who can help you in whatever area you looking for;

Do you want to find a Private Dentist, Osteopath or Acupuncturist or are you looking for a specialist Health Insurance broker or Financial adviser who can find you the best option for your Private Medical Insurance or Critical Illness policy?

By utilising the Medigest Business Directory you can easily search for the latest information available in all private health related areas to find qualified, registered and reliable professionals to help you find the solution to your requirements.

Specialist Areas

People chose to look at private medical treatment for a number of reasons and an overriding reason seems to be the choice element that Private Practice offers.

When you are looking outside of the NHS for medical treatment in the UK, there are many qualified private medical professionals available to you and at Medigest we want consumers to understand who they are, what conditions they treat, who they are regulated by and who they are registered with. You can use our easy search tool to find the specialist you want in the location that is convenient for you. From Private Hospitals and Opticians to Chiropodists and Holistic therapists, Medigest Ltd covers them all.

Insurance Policy Types

Health Insurance and Protection policies are widely available across the United Kingdom. There are many different options available to you whether you are looking as an individual, family or you are looking to cover the staff within your business. Detailed information is therefore essential to help you make a decision as to what is the policy type most suited to your needs.

Do you want a Private Medical Insurance policy that will help you obtain speedy diagnosis and treatment at the time you need it most or a policy such as Income Protection that will help you cover your monthly bills if you cannot be at work due to ill health?

Have a look at our Insurance Policy Types and find the policy that’s right for you.