The 4 Main Types of Tendon Injury

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Your tendons are strong bands or cords of tissue that attach muscle to bone and help to move the bones and joints when your muscles contract.

There are four main types of injury to the tendon and they are known as:

  1. tendonitis – inflammation of a tendon
  2. tendinopathy– the gradual deterioration of a tendon
  3. tenosynovitis– inflammation of the protective sheath that surrounds a tendon
  4. tendon rupture– a sudden tear in a tendon

Tendon injuries frequently occur during sports or activities that may involve sharp or sudden movements. They can also be caused by repetitive daily activities such as using a computer keyboard and mouse. This second type of cause is known as repetitive strain injury or RSI.

What are the symptoms associated with a tendon injury?

  • pain that gets worse when you move the affected area
  • stiffness in the affected area, which may be worse in the morning
  • weakness in the affected area or being unable to move a joint
  • a sensation that the tendon is grating or crackling as it moves
  • swelling, sometimes with heat or redness
  • a lump on the affected tendon

Tendons are found in many placed in the human body and therefore tendon injuries could appear in different places also. Commonly affected areas include the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, fingers and the back of the heels.

If your tendon ruptures, you will usually experience sudden and severe pain, which may eventually settle into a continuous, dull ache or no pain at all. Movement in the affected area may also become more difficult or even impossible.

It is important that you see a GP if your symptoms are severe and do not start to improve within a few weeks or you believe that you may have a ruptured tendon.

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