5 Symptoms of Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a common medical condition for people and sometimes this can occur for no obvious reason at all. Sitting in a draught or a minor twisting injury can cause the pain which is classed as non-specific and it is the most common type of neck pain. Usually the pain will disappear within a few days providing that you keep gently moving your neck and take rest when you need to.

So what are the 5 well known symptoms of Neck Pain?

  • Pain and stiffness

There may be pain on the middle or either side of your neck. This could also extend to the shoulder/ shoulder black or to the upper chest.

  • Numbness or tingling

If a nerve root is being pinched then you may experience numbness, tingling or pins and needles down your arm and this will sometimes reach down to your fingers.

  • Clicking and grating noises

If you hear or feel clicking or grating noises as you move your head, this is known as crepitus and is caused when bony surfaces move against each other or by ligaments moving over bone.

  • Dizziness and blackouts

If you feel dizzy when looking up or turning your head, this may be caused by the vertebral arteries being pinched. This sometimes happens as a result of changes in the bones of the spine. Pinching of these arteries can sometimes cause blackouts as the blood flow is temporarily reduced. This kind of dizziness can have other causes so it’s best to see your doctor if the problem continues.

  • Muscle spasms

Neck pain can be caused by a muscle spasm that turns your head to one side and this is known as torticollis, cervical dystonia or acute wry neck.


Should you see a medical professional about your non-specific neck pain?

Neck pain can often be treated with over the counter painkillers and balancing gentle exercise and rest, if however your pain lasts more than a few days then you should consult a GP or medical specialist such as a physiotherapist in case your neck pain has an underlying more complex cause.

All information above sourced from http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/

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