Over 50’s Life Insurance from LV

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LV are one of the leading financial services providers who currently employ over 6,200 people across 15 offices based in the UK. LV have over 5.8 million customers and 1.1 million of those customers are members. LV offer their customers a variety of products and policies including insurance, investment and retirement solutions. LV are a mutual company.

LV were the winners of the Moneywise Most Trusted Insurer 2016 award.

What do they offer in the Over 50’s market?

The LV over 50’s life cover is available for people who are between 50 – 80 years of age who reside in the UK. The plan will pay out a cash sum between £1000 and £25,000 which can be used towards funeral expenses, unpaid bills when you pass on or can simply be left to your family to help them through what could be a difficult time.

LV pay out for eligible claims within 48 hours and their member care line offers 24/7 advice for their members completely free of charge.

Why would you use the LV Care Line?

The LV care line offers members three different services including free and confidential legal advice, access to medical staff if they are worried about a health condition and counselling services if they are experiencing any form of emotional distress.

Key features of the LV Over 50’s Life cover

  • Guaranteed cash lump sum for your loved ones when your policy pays out.
  • Life cover that pays out a lump sum on death to help towards things like funeral costs.
  • Cover starts from £7 a month (depending on age).
  • £1,000 minimum amount of cover.
  • Guaranteed full cover after one year.
  • Claims paid within 48 hours (on average from receiving death certificate).
  • No medical or health questions.
  • Choose your free gift when you apply.
  • Get an additional £300 towards funeral costs with our Funeral Benefit Option. Please read their brochure for more information.
  • Your cover will never go down no matter what happens to your health.

The above information has been sourced from https://www.lv.com/

There are many insurers who can help you if you are looking for an Over 50’s life insurance plan and the above details from LV give you an insight as the type of policies that are available in this market. If you would like to find out your options then the Medigest Business Directory will be able to help you find the insurance company that is right for you.



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