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As a leading provider of information relating to the Health and Protection Sectors within the UK, Medigest offers advertisers the opportunity to be seen by a highly motivated audience. Whether you are offering direct healthcare services, alternative therapies, consultancy based solutions or even the services of an entire medical institution, Medigest is the perfect platform from which to promote your Private Healthcare services.

In addition to company listings, Medigest provides the opportunity to promote your organisation with online banner advertisements. These can be placed on the results pages of relevant and pre-defined searches, meaning your advert is seen by those who are genuinely interested in your services.

With a specific demographic in mind, we are able to guarantee our advertisers dedicated promotional placements that will be seen by potential clients looking for services within your specialism. Our directory based website offers you the opportunity to connect with a monthly audience of over 1 million, highly-engaged visitors, all looking for advice and information on a variety of private health and protection services  within the UK.

Whether it’s with sponsored content, custom ad units, display ads or lead acquisition ads, we cater to your advertising objectives with data-driven advertising solutions that reach, engage and present a call to action for your target audience.

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Medigest is entirely designed with the user in mind. Whilst visitors cannot buy products or services directly from our site, they will be able to contact your company directly to discuss your services.  This affords your own knowledgable staff the opportunity to discuss the suitability of your services with every potential client that comes your way.  You know your business better than us, after all.

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Our impressive and well thought out navigation system enables visitors to gain instant access to private medical resources throughout the UK. We appreciate that private practice offers a wider area of choice than traditional NHS treatments can.  At Medigest we understand that there are many qualified private medical professionals available and our site is designed to help the consumer to understand the options available to them. Our easy search tool is specifically designed to help visitors to find the specialist they want in the location that they need. From Private Hospitals and Opticians to Chiropodists and Holistic therapists, Medigest Global Ltd covers them all. Your practice could be seen on there too.

If you are a private practice provider of any form, advertising with Medigest means that you are the forefront of our visitors minds. Online Advertising is  available for periods of 6 or 12 months . The two placements have separate pricing, rotation and technical specifications.  Contact us in the first instance to discuss how advertising on Medigest can work for you.

Medigest is a well respected, reliable source of information relating to private healthcare and protection in the UK.  Advertising with us inspires confidence in our visitors as they consider all of our source information and advertisers to be of the very best standards available in the UK.

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