Health Screening and Assessments

Health Screening and Assessments

There are many Private Diagnostic facilities that offer people an excellent chance to detect illness, disease and general health and life style issues through a recognised Health Screening or Assessment. With thorough checks on vital statistics relating to your health, well-being and lifestyle, having a Health Screening could help you to find problem areas before they become a problem.

In many cases if an illness is diagnosed at an early stage the prognosis for recovery improves dramatically and therefore a Health Screening or Assessment could provide you with crucial information to help you get a full diagnosis and treatment at the first stage of a medical condition.

Once you have had your health screening, many of the providers will provide you with information that will assist you with managing your health and lifestyle for your future which could help you to look after your health for the long term.

There are many levels of Health Screening available and the cost is directly related to the number of tests and time spent with a Private Nurse or Private GP to discuss any issues that may be of concern to you.  You may feel that your NHS GP does not have sufficient time to go through your specific health concerns on a normal appointment and therefore this additional time with a Private GP may help to put your mind at rest.

What sort of tests can you get on Health Screening and Assessments?

Blood pressure • Blood tests • cholesterol tests • diabetic checks • urine analysis • vision and hearing tests • Full blood count • kidney function • liver function • thyroid • bowel cancer (for the over 45’s) • Resting and exercising ECG • Lung function tests • breast examination (female) • testicular examination (male) • nutritional analysis • Chest x-ray • Posture analysis.

The list provided is not exhaustive and depending on what Health Screening you book, you may find that only some of the tests will be done. It is essential that you review the options you are given to ensure that the tests you want to have will be included.

The lower priced Health Screening and Assessments tend to cover the basic tests and analysis only.

How long does a Health Screening/Assessment take?

When you book your Health Screening the Private Facility you choose will confirm the length of time you should allow for it to be completed. In general they last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the level you have chosen.

Where can you have your Health Screening?

There are many private Health Screening facilities throughout the United Kingdom with some companies specialising specifically in the screening and assessment market. You may also find that if you have Private Medical Insurance (PMI)  in place you may be entitled to a discount from your PMI provider.

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Health Screening and Assessments
Health Screening and Assessments
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