Private Clinics

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Offering a combination of private health services, a private clinic provides healthcare solutions on many different levels.

Although they may differ in the services that they offer to patients a private clinic may offer some or all of the private services listed below:

  • Private GP services
  • Minor Surgery
  • Allergy testing
  • Weight management
  • Diagnostic services

Specialist private clinics

There are also private clinics that specialise in one area of medicine. They will provide you with private healthcare services related to their area of specialism.

Cost of treatment in a private clinic

The cost of treatment in a private clinic will vary depending on the level of treatment that your condition requires, where the clinic is located and may depend on the specialist/consultant, private GP or therapist that you choose to see. The Clinic will discuss your treatment path with you and should provide you with an indication of cost prior to any treatment taking place.

Is your Private GP registered to practice in the UK?

All doctors in the UK should be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC are an independent organisation who decide which doctors are qualified to work in the UK, set the standards that doctors should follow and make sure that this standard does not fall throughout a doctors career. The GMC also prevent doctors from putting the safety of patients at risk.

The GMC manage the medical register and everyone has access to this register online. This list is known as the List of Registered Medical Practitioners. If you want to make sure that your Private Clinic is licenced and registered to practice medicine in the UK then you can ensure the necessary checks are made.

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Other Specialists

Holistic Therapists
Holistic Therapists


Health Screening and Assessments
Health Screening and Assessments