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If you need to see a GP but are unable to get an appointment quick enough with your local NHS GP then you have the opportunity to make an appointment with a Private GP who will be able to assess your condition and recommend treatment accordingly.

A Private GP will charge you for the appointment and the cost of this service will vary. The length of appointment that you require will certainly affect the price that you have to pay. Typically an appointment with a Private GP would be 15 minutes however, you may need to extend this time depending on your condition.

Is a visit to a Private GP confidential?

The same level of confidentiality would apply within a Private GP practice as in any medical establishment. They will need you to provide some personal details to be able to set up a confidential medical file for you however, a Private GP will not pass on your information to a third party without your consent.

Can you still use the NHS after using a Private GP?

Your Private GP can refer you on to a specialist consultant should further treatments or investigations by necessary however, it is advisable to remain registered with your NHS GP close to your home to ensure that you have access in the case of a medical emergency.

What type of things could you visit a Private GP for?

Concerns about a new illness or condition • queries relating to an existing condition • a repeat private prescription • completion of a medical form

Essentially you can use a Private GP for the same things you would see your NHS GP for but by using a Private GP you can usually reduce the time that you have to wait for an appointment and you can access a Private GP at a location convenient to you.

Is your Private GP registered to practice in the UK?

All doctors in the UK should be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC are an independent organisation who decide which doctors are qualified to work in the UK, set the standards that doctors should follow and make sure that this standard does not fall throughout a doctors career. The GMC also prevent doctors from putting the safety of patients at risk.

The GMC manage the medical register and everyone has access to this register online. This list is known as the List of Registered Medical Practitioners. If you want to make sure that your Private GP is licenced and registered to practice medicine in the UK then you can ensure the necessary checks are made.

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