Private Hospitals

Private Hospitals

There are many Private Hospitals situated within the UK and these facilities will offer treatment to patients who are either covered by a Private Medical Insurance policy or who are able to self-fund the treatment required.

You may wonder what the benefit would in using a Private Hospital rather than the NHS and there are many answers to this question including the following examples which apply in the majority of Private Hospitals in the UK :

  • Being able to book your procedure at a time that suits you
  • Being able to have the treatment at a location that is convenient to you
  • Having your own room with en-suite facilities
  • Having your own TV with remote control
  • Meals available as room service and with the option to cater for visiting friends and relatives
  • High standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout
  • Highly qualified, expert, medical staff
  • Flexible visiting times

Private Hospital Groups

There are a number of Private Hospital groups within the UK and these include BMI Healthcare, HCA Healthcare UK,  Nuffield Health, Ramsay Health Care UK and Spire Healthcare. With each group having many hospitals available throughout the United Kingdom you should be able to find a hospital in a location that suits you. The HCA group of hospitals are the exception to this rule with all of their UK hospitals being located in London.

If you have a Private Medical Insurance policy, ensure you pre-authorise your treatment and confirm that the hospital you want to use is covered under the hospital list you have chosen to pay for. If you pay for a standard hospital cover and have treatment in a higher charging London hospital there may be a shortfall in payment which would ultimately be the responsibility of the patient to pay.

Are Private Hospitals regulated in the UK?

  • The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator for health and social care in England and they do inspect both NHS and Independent/Private hospitals.
  • Healthcare Improvement Scotland regulate Private Hospitals in Scotland
  • Health Inspectorate Wales regulate Private Hospitals in Wales
  • The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority regulate Private Hospitals in Northern Ireland

All of the information is published online which means you can check to ensure that the Private Hospital facility you are considering to use meets the standards of care that you would expect to receive when paying for your treatment either by way of Private Medical Insurance premiums or directly to the Hospital itself (self-funding).

Do Private Hospitals have Accident and Emergency (A&E) Facilities?

If you need to have Accident or Emergency treatment the NHS is the route to take. Private Hospitals are not equipped to deal with A&E cases. If you do need to use the NHS for an accident or emergency and then need to have further ongoing treatment you may be able to transfer to a private hospital facility for the ongoing treatment providing that your condition is stable and the Private hospital that you choose can offer the treatment that you need.

Do Private Hospitals treat NHS patients?

In some cases you may find that NHS patients may have their treatment at Private Hospital facilities.


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