Which are the best private hospitals in London?

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Many people consider finding the best private hospital in London to be of paramount importance when researching where to have their medical treatment and they would prefer to travel to these facilities rather than have treatment at a hospital or medical centre close to their home.

What makes a hospital the “best” to one person however may not necessarily be the same across the board as there is number of things that need to be considered which may include the following.

  • What treatment do you need to have?
  • Is the consultant you want to see practicing from that facility?
  • Do you have a budget you need to keep to?
  • Would travelling for out-patients visits be an issue?
  • If you have private medical insurance, would the hospital be covered by your provider?

There are some hospitals in London that are certainly considered to be the best in their field and their pricing for medical treatment reflects this status. Some insurance providers will only cover the top London hospitals on their “London Upgrade” hospital lists and your insurance premiums are higher to accommodate these costs.

Examples of London upgraded hospitals lists:

  • AVIVA: Extended Hospital List
  • Vitality Health: Countrywide Plus
  • PHC: London Upgrade

So if we look at some of the well know top London Hospitals and their ratings with the Care Quality Commission, it is interesting to see that the ratings do vary. It is always worth checking the CQC database to check the rating and performance of the hospitals you are considering:

The CQC information in the table below was sourced from http://www.cqc.org.uk/

Name of Hospital CQC Rating Date of latest report
The Wellington GOOD 13th February 2017
The Royal Marsden London OUTSTANDING 19th January 2017
The London Bridge Hospital OUTSTANDING 9th February 2017
The Princess Grace Hospital REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT 23rd March 2017
The Harley Street Clinic OUTSTANDING 4th January 2017
The Nightingale Hospital GOOD 11th July 2016

If you are looking for the best private hospital in London or in fact anywhere within the UK then the Medigest directory may be able to help you:


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