Beyond Beauty at LycaHealth supports The Katie Piper Foundation

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*Beyond Beauty Cosmetic surgery clinic recently opened their doors in order to start offering services at LycaHealth, a state-of–the art private medical centre in the heart of London’s financial district. To mark the occasion Beyond Beauty Cosmetic are pledging the full £100 consultation fee for the first 50 new clients as a charitable donation, we hope to raise £5000 for this very worthy cause.   Funds raised for the Foundation will go towards supporting people living with burns and scars.

Beyond Beauty Cosmetic, partners of LycaHealth, are delighted to announce that they have chosen The Katie Piper Foundation as their exclusive nominated charity.

LycaHealth operate two state of the art diagnostic centres in the UK, one in the heart of Canary Wharf and the other situated in Orpington, Kent.  LycaHealth pride themselves on offering their patients access to:

  • World class clinicians
  • Superior diagnostic equipment
  • High Quality Personal Care
  • Dedicated team of nurses
  • Access to first class physiotherapists

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The Katie Piper foundation charity was formed in 2009 and aims to help people in many ways  including:

  • improve outcomes for burns survivors
  • deliver – directly or indirectly – intensive, comprehensive burns rehabilitation (post-acute care discharge) in the UK
  • support burns survivors throughout their recovery
  • progress a deep understanding of the context in which the Foundation acts (the burns care world) and of the key stakeholders
  • develop key relationships, collaborations associations and partnerships.

For more information about the Katie Piper Foundation have a look at the video linked below. Some people may find the images hard to watch but it really drives home the impact that burns have on people’s lives and how professional and expert medical treatment can make a huge difference in their rehabilitation and recovery.