The Blood Care Foundation

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*The Blood Care Foundation is a charitable, not for profit organisation, registered in the United Kingdom in 1991. The Foundation operates a Blood Care Programme, which is designed to provide screened blood, in an emergency, to its members in any part of the world.

The Programme is designed to alleviate the shortages of blood, which occur in many parts of the developing world. These shortages have numerous causes. Amongst the most important are cultural taboos, financial constraints and a high incidence of transfusion transmitted diseases in the donor pool. Examples of such diseases are HIV I and II, hepatitis B and C, Chagas disease and malaria.

The provision of blood cover by the Foundation, particularly to expatriate communities, business travellers and their spouses and to holiday-makers, ensures that the local supplies of blood remain available to the inhabitants of that particular country.

Membership to the Blood Care Foundation is available on an individual or corporate basis and gives travellers the peace of mind that when they are away from home in a country where blood is either at a shortage or is deemed to be a high risk that they will have access to fully screened blood in an emergency.

The BCF Travel Club for individual members is an extremely low cost; currently priced at £12 per month or £60 per year with a lifetime membership available at just £500 and you do not have to reside in the UK to have membership. The blood care foundation can provide their members with all eight blood groups.

The Blood Care Foundation is a charitable organisation and as such would always welcome donations which can be made easily via Just Giving.

The Blood Care Foundation website offers people a wealth of information and we would recommend that you have a look at what they can offer and how their service works for you when you need them. This could be crucial if you are looking to visit or reside in a country where the chance of obtaining fully screened blood are low.

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