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When people talk about private medical insurance one of the best know brand names across the globe has to be Bupa. In the UK alone, Bupa has over 33,000 employees who are there to support their customers with their health, care and well-being needs.

Bupa was created in April 1947 and originally known as the British United Provident Association although Bupa was never actually a provident association itself. By July 1948 they had 38,000 customers and an 80% share of the private health insurance market.

Now Bupa confirm they have over 27 million customers across the globe.

In the 1950’s Bupa began the first major company health insurance scheme and by 1954 were running over 1,700 group schemes.

What do Bupa offer their clients in the UK?

When it comes to healthcare in the UK, Bupa offer a wide range of products, treatments, policies and solutions for their members including:

  • Private Medical Insurance

Providing a choice of health insurance options giving access to diagnosis, treatment and specialist support services.

  • The Bupa Cromwell Hospital

A leading complex care hospital based in London

  • Health Centers

Offering a range of treatments including health assessments, private GP services, dermatology and non-surgical cosmetic treatments along with many other non-surgical treatments.

  • Dental

Providing help with the costs of everyday routine dental treatment such as check-ups and cover for any emergency treatment you may need.

  • Care Homes

With 280 care homes across the UK for both long and short term care.

  • Travel Insurance

Whether you’re planning a weekend break or a long haul trip, Bupa have a range of polices to meet your travel needs offering single trip, annual, backpacker and winter sports options.

  • Premium Global Health Insurance

Available for clients wanting the highest level of cover provided by Bupa and access to some of the best available healthcare facilities worldwide.

The above information has been sourced from https://www.bupa.com/

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