The British Lung Foundation are looking after the nations lungs.


The British Lung Foundation are a charity and in the last 30 years they have spent 26 million on hundreds of research projects. Covering the whole of the UK, the British Lung Foundation provide vital funds for research as well as providing a dedicated helpline, support groups a web community and information for those suffering with lung conditions, offering both hope and support.

Aiming to prevent lung disease by campaigning for positive change in the UK’s lung health by raising awareness about the things that may contribute to causing it and letting people know how they can look after their lungs. The British Lung Foundation strive to always improve care and to prevent, treat and cure lung diseases

The British Lung Foundation have over 230 Breathe Easy support groups throughout the UK available to support people with lung disease, their families, friends and carers.

Recent campaigns include changing the law about smoking in cars with children and plain packaging for cigarettes which have both been successful.

Lung disease statistics

  • Every 5 minutes, someone in the UK dies from lung disease
  • About 10,000 people are newly diagnosed with lung disease in the UK every week
  • Lung diseases are responsible for more than 700,000 hospital admissions in the UK every year
  • Lung diseases are also responsible for over 6 million in-patient bed-days in the UK every year
  • Approximately one in five people in the UK has ever developed asthma, COPD or another long-term respiratory illness.

The British Lung Foundation offers a wealth of information relating to lung disease which is easily accessible for all online, with stories from people suffering with various lung conditions, there is every chance you will find people in similar circumstances and their own personal experience may help you find the answers and support that you need.

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