Buying the correct insurance for Cruise Ship holidays

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Cruise holidays are becoming increasingly popular and whether you are exploring the Norwegian Fjords on the Black Watch, navigating the Caribbean on the Harmony of the Seas or meandering through the Mediterranean on the Oriana; a cruise holiday has its own requirement when it comes to a travel insurance policy and it is of paramount importance that this is taken into account when planning your holiday.

Typically with a cruise holiday there may be different travel elements to the journey including flights and sea travel with multiple destinations. When you invest in travel insurance for your journey then you need to make sure all of these elements have been taken into consideration.

*Important factors to remember include:

  • Cruise holidays can be way more expensive than a more traditional holiday and therefore you must ensure that you have sufficient cover in place for cancellation.
  • You need to make sure that your insurance company knows all of the destinations you are travelling to.
  • The level of medical cover is also important especially when you are considering a Caribbean cruise where passengers may be transferred to shore for medical treatment and may then require further onwards transportation to a larger facility for continued treatment. The cost of repatriation from a ship can be very expensive.

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Pre-existing conditions:

As with all travel insurance policies it is essential that you let your travel insurance provider know about any pre-existing conditions you have prior to taking out a policy. In some cases this will result in the cost of your premium changing depending on the severity of the condition or the combination of medical conditions you have. You should also ensure that you tell your insurance provider of any changes in your health before your holiday starts to enable them to confirm that your cover is still valid.

If you are looking for a specialist travel insurance broker the Medigest Business Directory can help you find a local provider who can help you make sure you have the peace of mind that your holiday travel insurance is correct and will be valid should you need to make a claim:

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