Can you afford to have an accident?

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Have you ever considered how long you could survive financially if you were to have an accident that would leave you unable to work for a significant period of time? No-one can see into the future and certainly no-one wants to have a serious accident that would leave them unable to work. If you are self-employed or run your own business, the consequences of having an accident could really be detrimental to your business and your lifestyle as a whole.

How can you protect yourself?

You can protect yourself financially by investing in a personal accident policy which would then provide you with financial assistance at the time you really need it.

There are many providers of Accident Insurance within the UK and policies that are offered may provide any variation of the following:

  • Accidental death insurance
  • Accidental permanent injury insurance
  • Optional children cover

As with all insurance policies there are certainly terms and conditions that apply to all Accident Insurance policies, common exclusions include:

  • The attempted suicide of the person insured
  • Accidents caused when the insured person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drink or drug driving by the insured person

*The cost of Accident insurance is certainly lower than many other health and protection type policies and as a guideline the current cost of an AVIVA personal accident plan as shown on their website is as low as £2.09 per month for an individual who has selected £40,000 of cover which really is a low cost, affordable policy to almost everyone.

If you work in a high risk environment such as a construction site or you know that being out of work due to an accident would place you in financial difficulty then investing in a personal accident policy may really be advantageous. The Medigest business directory can provide you with details of specialist health insurance brokers, financial advisers or insurance companies who will be happy to let you know the options available that best suit your requirements.

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