Care Homes can offer respite care.


There are many residential care homes that can offer respite care for the elderly or for people who need additional support following an operation or illness. It could be that the respite care is required purely to enable a regular carer to take a well-earned break.

What does Respite care mean?

Respite care is planned or emergency temporary care and enables carers to either have a holiday or maybe even just some time to themselves whilst they have the peace of mind that the person they would ordinarily look after is still receiving the levels of care that they need. Respite care can also benefit the person whom the carer normally looks after as it can provide them with a chance to meet and interact with new people, have a change of scenery and even perhaps the chance to try out new experiences and activities.

Being a carer, especially a full time carer can be demanding both physically and mentally and therefore respite breaks can be invaluable to enable the carer to relax and recuperate.

Can people with high dependency have respite care?

Yes, care homes that offer respite care can tailor the stay to suit the individual’s needs, if a person is suffering with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, you would need to find a care home who are able to offer this high level and specialised type of care.

How long can respite care last for?

The period of respite care can be arranged depending on your requirements. Many care homes will offer stays from a few days to a few weeks based on your own specific needs. The cost of respite care will vary depending on the level of care required and the individual care homes rates.

If you are looking for a private care home that can offer respite care, the Medigest Business Directory could help you find a care home close to you that could accommodate your requirements.



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