Company private medical insurance and the eligibility for members


When you are looking to purchase a Uk business private medical insurance policy whether from an insurer directly or via a specialist intermediary you should be made aware of who exactly is eligible to be a member on the company scheme. The rules do not change regardless of whether you purchase a policy online or from a representative of the business face to face or over the phone.

Essentially the main members of the company private medical insurance policy must be employed by the business whether full time or part time. You cannot add friends and family members as a main member as this would be contrary to the declaration that you will sign. If you choose to allow the addition of family members to the main member then this is allowed however, you could not add people to the scheme who do not work for the company.

UK Residence

If you are purchasing a UK company healthcare scheme then the main members on the policy should be resident in the UK for the majority of time. Some providers will stipulate a minimum number of days that a member must reside in the UK.

Dependents of a main member

If you are allowing the addition of dependents to your employees membership then the dependents should reside at the same UK address. Generally dependents can be spouse/partner and eligible child dependents.

Insurance companies will allow over-age dependents to be covered providing they are still in full time education and live at home/ are not married. The ages of over-age dependents can differ and you should check with your insurance provider.

Upper age limits

Some health insurance providers will carry an upper age limit of joining a company private medical insurance scheme however, insurers such as AXA PPP, AVIVA, BUPA and Vitality Health will continue to cover older members on a company scheme providing they are still in employment.

Proof of employment

If you have a company private medical insurance policy in place remember that your insurance company can request proof of employment for any or all of your members at any time throughout the policy term.

When you are looking to purchase a company or individual private medical insurance policy a specialist health care insurance broker could help you navigate the rules and regulations applicable to health insurance in the UK or internationally. The Medigest Business Directory can help you find a specialist broker local to you.