Do you have cover for mental health on your Private Medical Insurance policy?


Mental Health or psychiatric cover is something that most Insurance companies will offer to you either within their core cover or as a benefit add-on. Including cover for mental health conditions will more than likely result in an increase in the annual premium that you pay. This will apply whether you are taking an individual, SME or corporate policy.

If you have suffered with mental health and psychiatric problems prior to taking  out a policy you will more than likely find that the insurance company will exclude your condition from cover and it is essential that you disclose any relevant conditions to allow the underwriters to assess your application properly.

There are some providers such as The Exeter who do not offer cover for psychiatric claims within their policy at all so it is important that you check your quotation from any provider to make sure you know what cover you have prior to accepting the quotation.

Limitations on psychiatric cover

Whomever you choose to take your private medical insurance cover with, there are often monetary or time limitations on psychiatric treatment. As with any other medical condition, mental health conditions will no longer be eligible for cover if your specialist or consultant confirms that they are chronic which means effectively there is no cure and any further treatment or medication prescribed will be to maintain the condition and its symptoms and keep it stable.

Accessible Helplines

Most of the insurance providers offer their members access to 24/7 helplines. AVIVA for example offer a 24 hour GP and stress helpline to enable members to discuss any health concerns they may have either for themselves or their family.

For more information about mental health and psychiatric cover and private medical insurance policies you can follow the link to SMP Healthcare’s recent article which explains in further detail:

What does psychiatric or mental health cover refer to on your private medical insurance policy

If you are looking for a specialist health insurance broker who can help you to find out whether you have mental health cover on your policy, please refer to the Medigest Business Directory to find a specialist near you.

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