Is there cover for pregnancy on Private Medical Insurance in the UK?

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When you are looking for private medical insurance cover in the United Kingdom, pregnancy both routine and complications of, could be at the top of your list of cover requirements however, when you look at the cover offered on UK private medical insurance policies you may find that the cover for pregnancy is limited if it is available at all.

So how do you get insurance cover that will include routine and complications of pregnancy?

As you know, private hospitals will allow people to self-fund their treatment, however when you consider that the cost could run into *thousands of pounds for a straightforward birth with one nights hospital stay, it is still very probable that taking out an international private medical insurance policy may offer you a much more cost effective solution.

Do all International private medical insurers allow a UK nationals in the UK to take out an International policy?

It is always best to check the terms and conditions applicable from your preferred provider, however, there are definitely international insurance providers who will accept a UK national in the UK.

**As an example the Elite and Premium plans from Morgan Price International both offer substantial routine pregnancy cover with complications of childbirth and contributions towards the initial paediatric check-up. Benefits are available after 10 consecutive months of cover and are on a per pregnancy basis.

What do insurance companies class as complications of pregnancy?

All insurance companies will have their own terms and conditions and policy wordings which you should read through however, as a guideline, complications of pregnancy and childbirth could include things such as:

Toxaemia ▪ gestational hypertension ▪ pre-eclampsia ▪ ectopic pregnancy ▪ hydatidiform mole ▪ ante and post-partum haemorrhage ▪ retained placenta membrane ▪ stillbirths’ ▪ miscarriage ▪ medically necessary caesarean sections ▪ medically necessary abortions

*guideline prices based on

**information sourced from

If you are looking for an international private medical insurance policy for use in the UK or abroad then the Medigest Business Directory can help you find a specialist health insurance broker who can assist in finding a policy that will suit your requirements. Alternatively you will be able to speak to an insurance company directly.