Dental Family Cover from Cigna

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The Dental Family Cover is available from Cigna for small, medium or large company schemes who are on company paid or flex salary sacrifice scheme. It allows an employee to add their extended family which includes:

  • Parents
  • Parents in Law
  • Older Children who are over 18/ over the student waiver age

The employee can add an unlimited number of relatives to their cover and can choose the level of cover most suitable to the charges applicable where the extended family members live. This can differ from the cover level of the employee.

Extended family is not open to:

  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Cousins
  • Grandparents

Direct family members including spouse/partners and children under 18 do not need to be added under the family cover option as they can be included directly on the standard dental plan.

For companies that offer employee benefits via a flex platform provider they must ensure that they can meet a specific criteria prior to offering the Family Cover option as not all flex benefit platforms will be able to accommodate this addition option.

What is the benefit of adding extended family members?

Members of the Cigna corporate dental insurance schemes benefit from:

  • IMMEDIATE access to comprehensive benefits
  • NO dental underwriting
  • Competitive pricing

Once the extended family members have been added to the scheme they will be sent an email welcoming them to the plan with a link to the member portal. They will be able to access the terms and conditions of the policy and relevant policy summary. There will be specific literature for the family cover relatives additional to the standard plan literature.

The above information has been sourced from Cigna literature reference 3828 DEN/PRE/ER/0317

If you are looking for a dental policy for your business and would like help in finding cover that most suit your requirements, a specialist health insurance broker would be able to help you. The Medigest Business Directory can provide you with the contact details of a specialist broker in your area.

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