Acrodystrophic Neuropathy

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Acrodystrophic neuropathy, also known as Morvan disease, is a rare autoimmune defect characterized by muscle malignancies, severe cramps, myotonia, delirium and insomnia. There are only about 14 recorded cases of the illness disease since it was first discovered.


The disease can be detected by monitoring of the symptoms exhibited by the patient.


There is no specific treatment yet for the disease. Medications such as azathioprine and prednisolone have been found effective in reducing the symptoms E10of the illness.

Symptoms and Signs

The signs of acrodystrophic neuropathy are disordered sleep, cramps, hallucinastions, hyperhidrosis, muscle weakness and extreme pain in the long muscles. In some cases, breathing difficulties are present.


The disease is a result of other autoimmune disorders that cause damages to the central nervous system.

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