Acutane Embryopathy

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Acutane embryopathy is a rare disease that is caused by exposure of the fetus to retinoids and which often results into physical and mental defects at birth.


The Office of Rare Disease of the National Institutes of Health has listed acutane embryopathy as a rare disorder. A rare disorder is a condition which affects less than 200,000 of the American population.

Symptoms and Signs

The most common signs of acutane embryopathy are: microtia; facial asymmetry; stenosis of the outer ear canal; anotia; paralysis of the facial nerve; posterior helical pits; an ear that appears malformed; ipsilateral ear; sloping or narrow forehead; lower jaw appears small; abnormalities of hair pattern; accessory parietal suture; depressed or flat bridge of the nose; conotruncal malformation; tetralogy of fallot; a right ventricle that has dual outlets; truncus arteriosus communis; interruption or hypoplasia of the aortic arch; supracristal ventricular septal flaw; hydrocephalus; a head that appears small; errors on the structure of cortical neuronal migration and cerebellar neuronal migration; acute malformations of the structural posterior fossa; agenesis of vermis; megacistema; thymic defects; parathyroid defects; and cerebral hypoplasia. Looking back at all these symptoms, it is noticeable that some of them could just be simple defects. The other half of the list of symptoms shows severe malformations and abnormalities.

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