Acute pancreatitis

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Acute pancreatitis is characterized as the rapid onset of inflammation of the pancreas. Depending on the severity of the condition, serious complications and high mortality occur despite treatment. This disease is usually prevalent among individuals with bile duct obstruction of prolonged alcohol abuse.


Patients with acute pancreatitis are diagnosed through several tests to determine the levels fo serum amylase, lipase levels, and elastase. It can be difficult to diagnose acute pancreatitis signs the signs and symptoms mimic that of pancreatitis. Patient's history should be taken into account and symptoms that will be noted during physical examination.


To alleviate pain, meperidine is administered. Patients are also asked to stop feeding and would greatly rely on intravenous fluids for sustenance. By preventing food to pass through the system allows the pancreas to rest. Antibiotics are also prescribed to combat infection.

Symptoms and Signs

Patients suffering from acute pancreatitis experience severe abdominal pain, fever, vomiting and diarrhea as well as the unexplained loss of appetite. Other indicators include some hemorrharic discoloration of the torso and umbilicus, pancreatic dysfunction or diabetes mellitus.


Among the indentified common causes of acute pancreatitis include alcohol abuse, trauma, streroids, scorpion stings, mumps, drug abuse, hyperlipidemia and gallstones.

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