Acute renal failure

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Acute renal failure is more popularly known as acute kidney failure or injury, and is characterized by the rapid loss of renal utility that causes serious damage to the kidney. Depending on the durationg and the extent of the condition, the accumulation may also be accompanied with metabolic disturbances such as acidification of the blood, fluid balance changes and elevated postassium levels. This is a serious medical condition that requires immediate medical attention.


The diagnosis can be done through blood urea nitrogen tests and creatinine. For causes that are not apparent, large volume blood test and urine examination may be necessary as well as ultrasonography of the renal tract to check for possible obstruction of the renal tract.


Acute renal failure can be reversible if treatment is administered appropriately and promptly. iResuscitation or revival of normotension as well as cardiac output is the key in the treatment of acute renal failure. The primary interventions include monitoring fluid output and intake as closely as possible through the insertion of the urinary catheter. For people with severe renal failures, lifelong doalysis or kidney transplant are often required.

Symptoms and Signs

Often, this kidney disorder does not display any symptoms and often go unnoticed. Some key indicators of acute renal failure include rapid heart rate, dizziness, loss of appetite and vomiting, flan pains, little or no urine.


There are a number of underlying causes that can be associated with renal failure. The first category incolves causes triggered in the blood supply such as hypovolemia, hepatorenal syndrome, and vascular problems. The next category involves damage to the kidney, which include infection such as sepsis, toxins, hemolysis, and multiple myeloma. Post- due trenal causes can also be due to kidney stones and benign prostatic hypertrophy.

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