Adenitis, Mesenteric

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Mesenteric adenitis is characterized as an inflammation of the mesenteric lymph nodes found in the abdomen. If the inflammation is found in the right lower quadrant, most people would mistake it as appendicitis but is often preceded by sore throat.


The important differential for the medical condition such as mesenteric adenitis is acute appendicitis, although clinical picture of this condition can be easily confirmed with the absence of rectal tenderness associated with appendicitis.


Treatment generally include supportive pain and hydration medications. In severe cases, surgical procedure may be administered following a close monitoring and study of the patient's condition eliminate the possibility of appendicitis.

Symptoms and Signs

The list of symptoms associated with Mesenteric Adenitis includes abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, swollen abdominal lymph nodes, loss of appetite, malaise, mild fever, headache and other symptoms that is usually associated by viral infection. While this medical condition is often mistaken as appendicitis, a close physical examination will help confirm that it does not share the common symptoms associated with appendicitis


The primary causes of mesenteric adenitis include viral infection, bowel infections, viral bowel infection and mononucleosis.

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