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An adhesion is a band of fibrous tissue that binds the unconnected anatomic surfaces, which are separated from each other. It develops commonly in the abdomen after trauma or injury. Sometimes it is a congenital defect like the obstruction of the intestine.


The adhesion can be diagnosed through Blood test, X-ray and CT scan. But commonly this disorder is diagnosed during the laparoscopy and laparotomy surgery.


Treatment of adhesion varies on the location. it can be treated non surgically but unless stat surgery is necessary. There are two types of surgery procedure can be done in adhesion. First, is Laparoscopy, a camera is inserted into the body through a small hole to rule out the diagnosis of adhesion, then cut the fibrous tissue that connects the organs. Second is laparotomy, the physician make bigger incision in the skin and directly see to rule out the disorder and cut them.

Symptoms and Signs

It's manifestation is depend on the complication of adhesion. Most common symptoms are pain of the affected area due to pulling of nerves that will last to minutes. Pain can be assess depending of the affected part of the body, such as adhesion of the liver pain occurs during deep breathing, pain when intercourse is a symptoms of vaginal or uterus adhesion. Fever also occur that will slowly increases. For stomach adhesion, there is a cramp pain in the abdomen, bowel sound disappear, bulging of the abdomen, peristaltic movement stop.


It is cause by the body's normal response of a injury like incision, infection, or trauma of a tissues. While the body repair itself, it cannot identify the difference between one organ to another, that causes connection surface.

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