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Akathisia also spelled as acathisia from the greek word means without or not. Akathisia is characterized by restlessness. The patient is unable stay still or motionless.


Akathisia syndrome can be diagnosed through psychological assessment or behavioral assessment and through drug history taking. Sometimes it is misdiagnosed with antisychotic neuroleptic induced akathisia. That makes the doctor prescribe another antipsychotic drugs that worsen the symptoms of the patient.


To treat akathisia, the doctor will discontinue or reduce the dosage of the medication that cause the disorder. The patient also advise to take anti cholinergic medication like benztropine (cogentin) or dophenhydramine. Beenzodiazepine clonazepam is also effective in treating this disorder. Another treatment is beta-blocker such as propanolol or metoprolol. Anti histamine drugs also given but with shorter effect than the beta blocker. Additional treatment and prevention is taking vitamin B6, vitamins good for the neurons.

Symptoms and Signs

The patient will manifest restlessness accompanied by severe anxiety, body weakness, and sense or feeling of fear or inner tension.


Akathisia commonly cause by side effect of antisychotic drugs. Aside from that, Non-sedating antipsychotic drugs like Haloperidol(haldol) can also cause the disorder. Other drugs that can lead to Akathisia includes the antidepressant drugs like tricyclics and trazodone (desryl), anti emetic drugs, especially the dopamine blocker. And some of the recreational drugs such as GHB mathampethamine and MDMA, when given in higher dose.

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