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Alcohol is commonly associated with a number of liver diseases including hepatitis. However, the relationship between alcohol hepatitis and drinking is quite complex. This is because only a small number of heavy drinkers are afflicted with alcohol hepatitis and there are some moderated drinkers who have contracted this disease. Alcohol can possibly progress to liver failure and cirrhosis if patient continues to drink and is often fatal.


Since there are about over a hundred types of liver diseases, the diagnosis of alcohol hepatitis can be a little tricky. Doctors usually look into the patient's medical history, conduct laboratory exams such as blood tests, ultrasound, and liver biopsy.


The most effective way to combat alcohol hepatitis is through complete alcohol abstinence. Patients are also advised to undergo nutritional therapy, significant lifestyle change, undergo drug therapies, use of antioxidants and liver transplants for severe cases.

Symptoms and Signs

People with mild cases of alcoholic hepatitis may not experience perceptible problems, but as the disease advance, the liver becomes more damaged, the signs and symptoms are more likely to develop. These may include nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, yellow skin, mental confusion and unexplained fatigue. Symptoms may vary according to the severity of the disease.


Factors that might play a significant role in the development of alcohol hepatitis include genetic factors, other diseases such as diabetes, obesity and malnutrition, especially for people who tend to drink heavily without proper nutrition.

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