Alien hand syndrome

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Alien hand syndrome , also identified as Dr. Strangelove syndrome and anarchic hand is an very unusual neurological disorder, characterized by the apparent loss of control of one's hand, and the sufferer's hand appears to have a mind of its own.


Diagnosis involves study of the patient's medical history, CT scans and physical examination.


To date, there is no known cure for alien hand syndrome. However, symptoms can be significantly managed and reduced by keeping the hand occupied in a certain task such as holding a particular object. Some specific learned tasks can also help restore control of the hand to some extent. Patients are usually advised to carry a hand to facilitate in maintaining balance as well as keeping the hand occupied.

Symptoms and Signs

Patients with alien hand syndrome are able to retain the normal sensation of the hand. However control of the hand actions is difficult to maintain even if that particular body part is still attached to the body. Patients often experience difficulty in performing complex hand actions such as removing cloths and manipulation of clothes. Most of the time the individual is unaware of the action of the alien hand until the actions are brought to her/his attention.


This highly interesting medical condition usually occurs in certain cases after a patient has undergone brain surgery, infections and strokes.

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