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Alopecia is the medical description for loss of hair from the body or head that sometimes lead to baldness, often unwelcome and unwanted. However, there are some individuals who display some psychological compulsion to forcibly pull out own hair. In some cases, hair loss can also present an underlying case for other medical concern such as iron deficiency.


Doctors will require a detailed report on medical history and symptoms and performs physical examination. Other supplementary tests include biopsy of the scalp and blood tests.


Treatments for alopecia vary depending on the underlying cause of the condition. If it is found to be due to medication, drugs can be prescribed to correct the hormonal imbalance. Phototherapy is also seen as a potential treatment as well as maintaining a balanced nutrition.

Symptoms and Signs

Alopecia has several symptoms that vary depending on the type of hair loss. For male pattern baldness, signs include receding hairline and excessive hair fall. Female patterns include thinning of hair and excessive hair loss.


Current medical evidences suggest that alopecia is primarily caused by the abnormality in the immune system, often leading to autoimmunity. The body's immune system then attacks its own hair follicles causing the disruption of the natural formation of the hair. Heredity and gene can also a play a role as one of the leading cause of alopecia, along with medication, chemotherapy-induced and stress-related effect.

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