Anaplastic thyroid cancer

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Anaplastic thyroid cancer is a type of thyroid cancer that has an extremely poor prognosis with only 14% survival rate. This disease is known for its aggressive behavior and fatal resistance to available cancer treatments. Anaplastic thyroid cancer quickly invades surrounding tissues.


Unlike other types of thyroid cancer, Anaplastic thyroid cancer is highly unlikely to be cured by surgery or other types of treatments. Anaplastic thyroid cancer cannot be removed by surgery because of its high propensity for affecting surrounding tissues. However, palliative treatments are available and may consist of radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy. New studies show that TNF-related Apoptosis Induced Ligand (TRAIL) and Bortezomib show positive results against Anaplastic thyroid cancer. However, more clinical tests outside the lab are still needed to confirm its effectiveness before it can be used for chemotherapy. The best treatment available for Anaplastic thyroid cancer is early detection and surgery, which is then followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for a larger chance of survival.

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