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Anorgasmia is a medical term to refer to the regular difficulty of reaching reaching orgasm especially even after ample sexual stimulation and causing personal distress. Anorgasmia is actually a very common occurrence with about 15 percent of women report such cases of experiencing difficulty in reaching orgasm.


Physical medical examination and consultation is necessary to fully detect and understand other possible causes of the medical condition.


While it may be quite difficult to fully treat anorgasmia, a combination of three approaches can prove beneficial such as understand the body better, an increase of sexual stimulation, and counseling and therapy.

Symptoms and Signs

Anorgasmia has three stages of symptoms. The first one is when a woman has never experienced orgasm. The second one is when the woman has reached orgasm but has trouble reaching climax. The third one is the situational anargasmia where the woman only has trouble reaching orgasm in certain situations.


There are a number of causes that can explain this condition such as an underlying disease, such as an illness that can affect the sexuality, affect of a certain medication, alcohol and drugs, as well as the aging process. It can also be due to a psychological cause such as stress and anxiety, mental health problems, embarrassment and guilt.

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