Aphthous Ulcers

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Aphthous ulcers are more commonly known as canker sores. These are characterized by the development of small and shallow lesions on the soft tissues in your mouth, under the tongue, or insides of the cheeks or lips, as well as at the base of the gums. Often , it will usually go away naturally after a few weeks or so.


Oral examination is the primary procedure to diagnose aphthous ulcers.


Treatment for cankers sores usually include mouth rinse, a topical paste, and oral medications that are intended for canker sores. Debacterol is one of the popular topical solution that cauterizes the lesions and reduces the healing in lesser time. However, the cankers sores may just be an underlying symptom of a more serious medical condition.

Symptoms and Signs

Aphthous ulcers primary symptoms are the lesion growth on the mouth, usually in clusters. Other symptoms include listlessness, fever and swollen nymph nodes.


The cause of the ulcers is this cannot be precisely detected but the number of probable causes include a minor injury, a faulty immune system, an allergic response, a celiac disease or a diet that lacks vitamin b-12 and folate. It could also be due to a hormonal shift during menstruation or emotional stress.

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