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Arachnitis, commonly known as Arachnoiditis, is a severe condition characterized by intense stinging, burning pain and various neurological problems, which could lead to scarring, irritation and blinding of blood vessels ad its nerve roots.


Diagnosis is made through a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and computed tomography (CT) scan.


There is no known treatment for Arachnitis. However, medications and therapies are available to relieve pain. These include pain medications, narcotic pain relievers, anti-convulsants and anti-spasm drugs. Physical therapy, spinal cord stimulator devices and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation may be also be used. Surgery is not recommended in treating this condition.

Symptoms and Signs

The most common sign of Arachnitis is the persistent and chronic pain in the lower limbs and lower back. Other symptoms include severe shooting pain, muscle cramps and spasms, uncontrollable muscle twitching, bizarre sensations and numbness, weakness or tingling in the legs. Severe cases of Arachnitis include intractable and constant pain, which could lead to disability.


Arachnitis is caused by the inflammation of the ?arachnoid lining?, one of the three linings that enclose the spinal cord and brain. Other cases are chemically-induced, infection-induced and involve multiple lumbar punctures, chronic degenerative disc diseases and advanced spinal stenosis.

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