Arachnoid cysts

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It is an uncommon disease which involves cysts that are fluid-filled that forms in the arachnoid membrane that is a thin layer of tissue that creates a membrane that covers the brain and the spinal cord It can start during childhood or can come later during adulthood. The determination of the severity of the disease is based on the location of the cyst and how big it is.


The disease is diagnosed after the patient has suffered from headaches, troubles in eyesight and late child development. detection of a cyst can happen in another examination which is intended for other clinical reasons. The technoligies utilized to find cysts are CT scan, MRI and ultrasonography. But the most common technology being used is the MRI. Other methods used to determine the presence of cysts is the MMSE (mini-mental state examination) it is a short questinnare or survey-based test used to review cognition.


usually the treatment for this disease is directed to the symptoms not on the cyst itself. However if the condition is worse it will result to surgery. During surgery a tool called a shunt is inserted between the cyst to drain the liquid from the cyst to the abdominal space or to the brain ventricles which relieves the pressure. Endoscopic fenestration another treatment that allows the fluid from the cyst to flow through the normal cerebrospinal fluid pathway using an endoscope to cut a tiny hole in the cyst. A simple treatment being done is the burr hole or the draining of liquid using a needle aspiration. it may be simple but the cysts can still occur. Some medicines may help relieve pain or seizure in patients but most often surgery has the best outcome.


The definite cause of Arachnoid cysts is not yet determined but common causes of this disease are said to be becasue of an irregularity that occurs during development due to infections on newly born babies. According to researchers this disease arise from the mysterious breaking down of arachnoid membrane. There are cases of Arachnoid cysts that run in a family which suggests that it can be hereditary in nature. Complication arises in Arachnoid cysts when one of the cysts is destroyed due to minor head trauma. The fluid from the cyst may leak to other parts like subarachnoid space. The cyst's size increases when blood vessels on its surface breaks down.

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