Arakawa’s syndrome II

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An error of metabolism that is inherent is known as Arakawa's syndrome II. A hereditary disorder caused by the absence of the enzyme tetrahydrofolate-methyltransferase. People who has this disease cannot properly digest methylcobalamin a kind of Vitamin B12. Other terms for this disease are Methionine synthase deficiency, N5-methylhomocysteine transferase deficiency and Tetrahydrofolate-methyltransferase deficiency syndrome.


According to Office of Rare Diseases (ORD) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Arakawa's syndrome is listed as a "rare disorder" which indicates that it affects less than 200,000 people in the US.

Symptoms and Signs

Here is a list of the known symptoms of Arakawa's Syndrome II: Megaloblastic anemia - reduced production of red blood because of the lack of vitamin B12 absorption, a rare blood disorder. Delay in physical and mental development Deficit in Methionine synthase Scoliosis - a state that presents lateral curvature of the spine. Retarded growth - growth rate is not enough for the normal rate. Fragile muscle tone liver is bloated spleen is bloated Seizures - unrestrained physical movements. Complications of Arakawa's syndrome II Production of red cell is reduced Learning disability - several developmental troubles hindering learning. Macrocytosis (erythrocyte) - unusual large red blood cell taking place primarily in anemias also referred to as megalocyte.

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