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An intake of elemental silver, silver dust or silver compounds, over exposure to silver salts - typically industrial exposure or medication causes Argyria. The most evident symptom if Argyria is that the skin turns to blue or bluish-grey colored. Argyria may start as generalized or local Argyria. A condition that is related to the eye is called Argyrosis. It is believed that the disorder can be permanent but laser therapy is helpful.


Ophanet, who are a consortium of European partners, currently defines a condition rare when if affetcs 1 person per 2,000. Argyria is classified as a "rare disease".

Symptoms and Signs

The most evident symptom of Argyria is grey or black staining of skin.


Hyperpigmentation - a kind of skin darkening that happens when a definite skin cells release more pigment (dark color). Blue nails - distinguished by the occurrence of nails that are blue in color.


Gastrointestinal catarrh Albuminuria Tissues in the body dies Fatty deterioration of the liver, heart and kidney Hemorrhage or bleeding Unrelieved bronchitis Loss of organization Reduce night vision Gustatory trouble Vestibular injury Seizure/fits of the grand mal type Death by paralysis of the respiratory system Blood fluidity Idiopathic thrombocytopenia Uremia

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