Arm Fracture

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A broken arm is a very common injury that both occur in children and adult. A fracture would usually require immediate medical attention and surgery to realign the bone.


An X-ray is usually the primary basis of diagnosis as well as the physical examination. For complicated and multiple bone fractures, an MRI will be able to provide a more definitive diagnosis.


Treatment for an arm fracture involves emergency procedure to immobilize that are an prevent further damage as well as provide temporary relief from pain. A splint is usually used to stabilize the fractured area and a muscle relaxant or sedative is administered to help manage pain. Surgery, pain medications and rehabilitation may be required to fully help recover the proper functioning of the arm.

Symptoms and Signs

Most people detect right away if an arm is broken since it comes with an excruciating pain following a loud snapping sound of the bone. Other symptoms include swelling, bruising, tenderness and deformity of the area as well as the inability to move the area with feeling severe pain.


The common causes of an arm fracture are largely due to falls and other sports injuries. It may also be due to a significant blow or trauma and elbow dislocation, child abuse and osteoporosis may also be considered as the possible causes.

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