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Arteritis is the inflammation of the walls of an artery. It usually results from a contamination or auto-immune reaction. Kinds a) Temporal arteritis - also called as giant cell arteritis. It is particularly arteritis of the vessels providing the head, eyes and optic nerves, mainly the temporal artery. This is common in old aged individuals. A swollen head artery results to headache. b) Takayasu's arteritis - distresses the aorta and its branches. A thrombo-obliterative procedure of the enormous vessels starting in the aortic arch, it takes place usually in young women. Radial and carotid pulses are usually destroyed. Due to the distressed movements it causes the skin to change. Other effects may be hair loss and deteriorated skin and deteriorate of the skin and its branches by primary muscle atrophy. c) Polyarteritis nodosa - distresses the medium-sized arteries, particularly those of renal, coronary, hepatic and skeletal muscle systems. Arteritis can be partly caused by the fungal pathogen Candida albicans.

Symptoms and Signs

The known symptoms of Arteritis are fever, weight loss, fatigue and dispersed aches and pain.


The complications that may result from Arteritis are alopecia, cerebellar disorder, retinal neo-vascularization, abnormality in the nail, cerebrovascular upset, purpura, aseptic necrosis of bone, livedo reticularis, aneurysms, vesiculo-bullous rash, haematuria, scleritis, glomerulonephritis, peripheral neuropathy, urticaria, gastrointestinal bleeding, systemic hypertension

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