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Asthenia is a medical term referring to the feeling of weakness without actually losing strength. General asthenia happens to a lot of chronic wasting ailments like cancer and anemia and most likely developed in ailments of the adrenal gland. Asthenia may partially affect specific organs or systems.


Regular movement of the bowel is necessary. Irregular bowel movement results to constipation. Take deep breathes for air to circulate from the bottom of the lungs and out of the lungs. If you are a smoker better quit early. Change position every 2 hours when sleeping to ease pressure points. Exercise as much as possible or regularly.

Symptoms and Signs

Below are the known symptoms of Asthenia: Weakening of the body Absence/lack of energy Absence/lack of strength


Common causes of asthenia: Addison's disease Anemia Anxiety/worry Chronic fatigue/weakness syndrome Chronic pain deconditioning/inactive lifestyle Lack of fluid in the body and electrolyte disorder Depression/sadness Diabetes Fibromyalgia Heart disease Hypothyroidism Infections/contaminations Medications/prescriptions involving amiodarone and Anastrazole Narcotics Paraneoplastic syndrome Pregnancy/postpartum Pulmonary ailment Renal ailment Sleep disturbance

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