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Atresia a state where in an opening or passage in the body is unusually closed or missing. Examples of Atresia: Biliary atresia - destruction of a part of the bile ducts because of arrested fetal growth, resulting to persistent jaundice and liver injury ranging from biliary stasis to biliary cirrhosis, through splenomegaly as portal hypertension develops. Ovarian follicle atresia - points to the deterioration and consequent resorption of more than one undeveloped ovarian follicles. Vaginal atresia - hereditary occlusion of the vagina or subsequence sticking together of the walls of the vagina. Esophageal atresia - involves the alimentary area resulting to the esophagus to end prior to linking normally to the stomach. Choanal atresia - obstruction of the back of the nasal opening, typically by irregular bony or soft tissue. Anorectal atresia - deformity of the opening among the rectum and anus. Pulmonary atresia - deformity of the pulmonary valve where in the valve orifice stops to grow. Aural atresia - a hereditary deformity of the outer ear or pinna. Intestinal atresia - deformity of the intestine Coping skills Always provide support to family members or friends who have this disorder. Write down or keep records of the individual's medical history, this will help doctors to keep track and know about the condition of the individual affected. Always communicate with the affected individual because he might want to know where he is at and what has he achieved and as well as the progress he made. Even though each situation varies, take note that a lot of children with hereditary heart abnormalities grow up productive and healthy.


Atresia is corrected by operations although it depends on the type and severity of the condition of the patient.

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