Atrial Flutter

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Atrial Flutter is the arrhythmia of the heart where there is a rapid beating in its upper chambers due to irregular signals causing an irregular heartbeat.


Diagnosis is made through physical examination and review of the patient's medical history. It may also include undergoing Electrocardiogram or ECG and Echocardiogram which is like an ultrasound test that makes use of the sound waves to determine the inside of the heart to check heart valve problems.


Treatment includes therapies that focus more on the restoration of the normal rate of the heart and sinus rhythm, undergoing defibrillation or the DC Cardioversion.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for Atrial Flutter includes palpitations or the rapid and unusual fast beating or pounding in the chest,angina pectoris or heart pains, a feeling of fainting, light headedness, shortness of breath, weakness, anxiety and fluttering in the chest.


Atrial Flutter is said to be caused by the abnormalities of the heart or by diseases and abnormalities affecting the heart, decreased of blood flowing in the heart, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy or disease of the heart muscle, chronic lung diseases, blood clotting in the lungs and hyperthyroidism.

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