Atrial myxoma

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Atrial myxoma a tumor that is not cancerous located in the upper left or right portion of the heart. It develops on the wall that divides the two sides of the heart. The familial type of the condition also includes tumors in several parts of the body like in the skin.


The tumor must be eradicated through surgery. Other patients require their mitral valve to be restored and this can be performed during the surgery. In some cases, the tumor reoccurs if the tumors are not all removed.


Since myxoma is a amin heart tumor it means that the tumor began within the heart. Several heart tumors start somewhere else. This kind of tumor is unusual and myxomas is the most usual type of this rare tumors. In the left atrium of the heart about 75% of myxoma occurs and the rest are in the right atrium. Stenosis and atrial fibrillation are usually related to right atrial myxomas. In women, myxomas are more common. A rate of 10% of myxomas is inherited and it is referred to as familial myxomas. They likely happen in several parts of the heart at a time, and frequently results to symptoms at a younger age than other myxomas.


If myxoma is not treated it can cause the tumor cells to break apart which can obstruct blood flow and cause myxoma to occur on other parts of the body. It can travel to the brain, limbs or eye. If the tumor develops inside the heart, it can obstruct blood flow all the way through the mitral valve and results to symptoims of mitral stenosis. This situation may need immediate surgery to stop immediate death.

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