Atrophic vaginitis

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Atrophic vaginitis is also referred to as vaginal atrophy or urogenital atrophy it is the swelling of the vagina and the outer urinary tract because of the thinning and reduction of the tissues and the decrease in lubrication. This is mainly caused by the lack of reproductive hormone estrogen. The decrease in reproductive hormone estrogen occurs usually during pre menopause and increases during post menopause but these conditions can be a result of other situations.


For postmenopausal women, there is some degree that they have vaginal atrophy but they do not aggressively ask medical attention to it may be because it is naturally caused or because old beliefs still exist regarding sexuality and aging.

Symptoms and Signs

Genital symptoms: itching, dryness, burning, pressure, soreness, thick yellow white discharge, infection, malodorous discharge, painful sexual intercourse and bleeding after intercourse. Sores and cracks may also happen. Urinary symptoms: blood in the urine, painful urination, increased frequency of urination, incontinence and augmented probability and incidence of infections.


With proper cure Atrophic vaginitis will typically ease the signs, at least to a number of degrees.

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