Auditory Processing Disorder In Children

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Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a condition in which auditory information is not properly processed when it reaches the brain. It is a form of dyslexia that involves the central nervous system. People with this disorder have a difficulty recognizing the differences amongst sounds.


The disorder can be diagnosed by observation of the given symptoms.


There is no specific treatment for the disorder. Behavioral adjustments amongst people surrounding the patient are required, as well as moral support from family and friends. Organizations have also been established to help people with APD cope with their everyday lives.

Symptoms and Signs

People suffering from APD have trouble focusing and remembering orally presented information, seem to have poor listening skills, do not like noisy places and ask for more time to understand information.


APD is caused by many factors. It can be a result of a genetic defect, or can be acquired via ear infections. It can also be due to accidents that led to trauma or lead poisoning. Older persons can also suffer from APD due to aging.

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