Avoidant personality Disorder

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Avoidant personality Disorder is a condition marked by extreme shyness, inadequate feelings, sensitivity of being rejected. Individuals with this disorder often feel inferior with others. They tend to avoid situations having potential for conflicts. They are often observed to be clingy, antisocial, dramatic or obsessive.


There is no specific test to diagnose Avoidant Personality Disorder. Diagnosis is often based on the symptoms present and observed, questions regarding personal history and emotional well-being in combination with discussing with the patient's friends and behavior about noticeable behavior of the subject. This evaluation and assessment is carried out by a mental health professional.


Cognitive-behavioral techniques used in psychotherapy can often be useful in the treatment plan. Antidepressant medications are prescribed to reduce sensitivity to rejection. A combination of both counseling therapy and medications can be more effective than a single treatment plan.

Symptoms and Signs

Individuals with avoidant personality disorder are engrossed with their own shortcomings, which causes them to be distant with others in the thought that they will be rejected. Often easily hurt by criticism and disapproval, they avoid activities or occupations that involve getting in touch and communication with other individuals. As a result they tend to be antisocial and form relationships with other only after being assured that they won't be rejected.


Avoidant Personality Disorder is a psychiatric condition with no known cause.

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