Bacterial gastroenteritis

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Bacterial gastroenteritis is a disease caused by a bacterial toxin or bacterial infection, the most usual agent being salmonella, campylobacter and shigella. About 50% reposrted cases of gastroenteritis as food borne illness are because of norovirus and 20% are severe cases occurred in children because of rotavirus. The third major viral agent is the astrovirus.


The usual treatment for this disease is bed rest and it is usually helpful and also proper nutrition and intake of fluid. If the disease affects the elderly, children or incapacitated individuals they may need confinement, particular antimicrobials, I.V. fluid which is given orally, I.M. or rectal suppository.

Symptoms and Signs

Below is the top list of symptoms of Bacterial gastroenteritis: Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Pain in the abdomen Weakness Loss of appetite Fever Tiredness Muscle aches Headache Dehydration


The common complications experienced by individuals affected by Bacterial gastroenteritis: Dehydration Shock Delirium Dehydration Imbalance in electrolyte

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