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BAER is an acronym for Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response and it is test measures of ear and brain wave activity that happens in reaction to clicks or certain pitch. There are 3 waves (1, 3 and 5) set for the ear, BAER uses a computer that averages over time to determine background noise to produce an averaged reaction of the auditory gateway to an auditory stimuli.


Use/Reason of the Test The test is done to aid in diagnosing nervous system anomalies and loss of hearing particularly in low birth weights in new born babies and to evaluate the functions neurologically. It is also useful in conditions where an auditory neuropathy is suspected. In this condition it may be united with otoacoustic emission testing.

Practical Information for Patients

The test is best performed when the patient goes to sleep and it is not painful. Clicks are heard by in the ears and wires are connected to the head to document electricity from the ears. The test takes about an hour or more.

Who performs the BAER test

Aaudiologist or an electrophysiology technician is the individuals responsible in interpreting BAER tests. Otolaryngology practices (ENT doctors) are usually related to audiologists where in the electrophysiology technicians are related to practices of neurology. The BAER test does not need so much training for an individual to interpret the test. BAER test is more challenging for the reason that BAER's can be acquired in situations fairly unknown with CNS disorders or situations fairly inknown with ear disorders.

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