Ballard syndrome

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Ballard syndrome is an uncommon condition of the liver and spleen that is enlarged it happens in parts of a weakened bone. The disorder is a congenital and commonly prevailing trait. It usually happens as an isolated dysmelia though it can also happen with other abnormalities as part of several hereditary syndromes.

Symptoms and Signs

Liver is enlarged Spleen is enlarged Fractures or injuries Low blood immunoglobulin level Impaired immunity


Type A1, BDA1 Type A2, BDA2 Type A3, BDA3 Type A4, BDA4 Type A5, BDA5 Type A6, BDA6 Type A7, BDA7 Type B, BDB (or BDB1) Type C, BDC Type E, BDE Type A1B, BDA1B Other syndromes that are related to Ballard Syndrome In several syndromes like Down's syndrome, Cushing syndrome, Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome and the like brachydactyly is only a minor feature put side by side to the other abnormalities or problems consisting of the syndrome.

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